We Manufacture TV
& Monitor cabinet.

We also manufacture other parts.

About TT Electronics.

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Our quality

  1. MANUFACTURING Fields: Injection, Assembly
  2. QUALITY Policy: Supply Quality For Customer Satisfaction with advanced Technology
  3. QUALITY Certification:
    • ISO 9001 (HT 2322.11.14)
    • ISO 14001 (MT 113.11.25)
    • OHSAS 18001:2007 (041.15.25)
    • UL (E 480707)
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Our products

  1. Plastic Parts for Home electrical appliance
    • Front cabinet and Rear cabinet for TV and Monitor
    • Drum and Top cover for Washing machine
    • Top cover and Handle for Refrigerator
  2. Plastic Parts for Car
    • Reservoir
    • Vent valve
    • Tubular manifold
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Factory history

TV Remocon Production May '2000
Antenna/ Matching Trans Production Jan. 2001
TV Cabinet Production April '2002
ISO 9001 Acquisition Aug. 2002
New Factory Operation June '2004
Car Parts Production Jan. 2006
Refrigerator Top Cover Production May '2009
Washing Machine Drum Production June '2009
Printer Cover Production Oct. 2010
ISO 14001 Acquisition Oct. 2011
OHSAS 18001:2007 Jun 2015
UL Acquisition Nov. 2015


Front cabinet for TV

Rear cabinet for TV

Front cabinet for Monitor

Rear cabinet for Monitor

Stand for TV and Monitor

Small parts for TV and Monitor

Power steering for Car

Vent valve for Car

Tubular manifold for Car

Coolant/wiper reservoir for car

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